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turing box

art direction, graphic design, web design, and video production for a platform created by the MIT Media Lab to democratize the study and production of artificial intelligence.

initial wireframes

informational website

*mobile responsive w/ bootstrap      

With this project, I sought to develop a visual language that is high-tech, contemporary, and friendly. Based on best practices in machine ethics, I worked to frame artificial intelligence as a unit within a system, rather than an individual agent. 

animated introductory video

animation: Bella Clark & Julian Kelly
art direction, storyboarding, and assets by yours truly:

Turing Box in print:

"Algorithms are being developed far faster than their impacts are being studied and understood. The Turing box...could help turn the tide. "
  –Hal Hodson, The Economist

"The scientific study of machine behavior by those outside of Computer Science and Robotics provides new perspectives on important economic, social and political phenomena that machines influence. "
  –Iyad Rahwan, MIT Media Lab, in The Nautilus

"Our diagnosis suggests that accelerating the scientific study of AI systems requires new incentives for academia and industry, mediated by new tools and institutions."
  –Epstein and Payne et al.