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For Planning Workshop in the University of Pennsylvania City Planning graduate program, our team of eight* researched, analyzed, presented, and designed a speculative 10-year neighborhood plan for the historic neighborhood of Tacony in northeast Philadelphia.

As the lead designer of the team, I utilized co-design methods to ensure everyone had a role to play in the visual directon of the project. In addition to visual direction, I also developed and mantained our brand and cartography standards, designed layouts, and packaged our PDF for print and web.

A framework of five focus areas and four goals

Table of Contents

Data visualization using ArcGIS and Adobe Illustrator

Alternatives to explore trade-offs between goals

Recommendations made real using urban design techniques


*Made with love by Zahara Ahmadi, Mia Cherayil, Lynn ChongNata KovalovaDanny PowersJulius Venuti, and Yan Wang, and with the deft guidance of Joanna Winchester

Endnote: Because of the speculative nature of this project, and the condensed timeline, this plan was done without the community engagement we believe is foundational to any good plan. We hope that this work can still inspire the excellent work of organizations that are doing the community-embeded work to improve Tacony such as the Tacony Community Development Corporation and the Tacony Civic Association.