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title text that reads "Search Atlas" with colorful windows that refract certain letters

“search beyond borders”

Working with Kai Ye︎︎︎ and Dr. Rodrigo Ochigame︎︎︎, I designed a pictorial paper and teaser video for the Search Atlas project︎︎︎Search engines create “information borders” when they tailor results based on user’s geolocation, language, and other personal data. Search Atlas reveals those borders with a (no longer live) web tool and a series of visualizations.

Working closely with the project researchers, I polished data visualizations, created a consistent visual language, and built layouts in InDesign that conform to the high standards of accessiblity set by the publishing conference. 

I also animated and edited a teaser video to introduce the project -  which included one of my first explorations in animated data visualization.

featured in Wired!︎︎︎