2019 - Age of Automobility
(animation using Adobe AfterEffects)

Age of Automobility from micah epstein on Vimeo.

2019 - #Jaydriving Pop-up Pedestrian Crossing
(installation, photography)

adjacent social media campaign:

#jaydriving is a campaign to empower people to take back our streets, and draw attention to the aggressive driving behaviors that kill and maim people like us every day.

the term jaydriving came first - it was used to chastise drivers who didn't respect others while driving. In the early 20th century, the media and car companies appropriated the term, changing it to "jaywalker" as a term to punish pedestrians who were used to city streets being places that they were allowed to occupy. This sentiment grew until it was entrenched in law, and is now an offense that is used as a tactic to suppress marginalized people, such as PoC and people dealing with homelessness.

It's time for pedestrians to take back the city. Streets should be for people, not #jaydriving.

2019 - Year of the City
(identities, print, web)

2018 - Maharam Fellowship - Providence Department of Planning
(multilingual graphics, maps, photography)


2018 - Boston Chai Party
(packaging, labels, identity)

2018 - Congress for the New Urbanism, New England Chapter
(identities, print, web)